27 May 2011

Cycle Blog of the Year

Loving the bike dot com has started the vote for the best cycling blogs in 2011, the 2011 crank honors. 

Can we vote en masse to promote the Positivo Espresso blog perhaps? You can vote once a day until June 1st. Check the "Vote for best ROAD cycling box and write "Positivo Epresso" in the box at the very end. We deserve it.

Before the endomorp;hins kicked in...
I also checked out the nominated blogs from all categories. Some of them I know like Fat Cyclist (not what it used to be), Bike Snob NYC (surprinsingly no surprises), La Gazetta della Bici (oily) and Fyxotomatosis (for the asthetics). One I didn't know and which I find outstanding is:


The first thing I read when the apprentice wrote about racing on the weekend was:

"Another day, another disappointment.  There’s not much use in over-analysing it here, the answer comes down to three simple words: Not. Good. Enough.

Unfortunately it’s now abundantly clear that cycle racing can join the long list of sports (football, snooker, cricket, squash, tennis, skateboarding) in which I’ve mined a shallow seam of mediocrity before reverting inexorably to clunking ineptitude."
I haven`t stopped laughing since.. He provides a viewpoint of cycle races attendance I have always looked for (nihilistic) with an excellent writing style. Somebody who writes....

"It quickly became clear that my mind had written a cheque that my legs couldn’t possibly cash…my speed dropped to 27…then 25…then 23…then the first rider from the bunch headed me as we neared the spectator area. "

.... can't be a bad guy. So please vote for him if you don't for PE.


David L. said...

The winners are announced, and none of the sites/blogs I voted for prevailed. ... but the road cycling winner, Cyclingtips, seems pretty good.


Loving the Bike said...

I'm just seeing this post now, but thanks for mentioning our Crank Awards and glad you were able to find some new blogs. We'll be back with the Crank Honors 2012 in just a few months.