25 May 2011

Haute Route Launches 2011

I just got an email invitation for another Cyclo Sportive -- the Haute Route -- 7 days from Geneve to Nice.  It is a first time event in 2011.

It looks like "Transalp Lite" --  17000 meters climbing and 730 km.  So about 2500 meters elevation and 200 km distance less than Transalp this year.

Then again, Day 4 is an uphill TT -- so that explains some of the shorter length. ... maybe "Transalp Lite" is a bit harsh.

A much snazzier website, and they offer a "comfort package" and a "premium package" for accommodations.  But no "Camp" option!  No breakfast included in the price.

No pasta parties. ...  Wait a minute, yes, there are pasta parties, just like Transalp.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

And looks like it conflicts with Paris-Brest-Paris this year.

But perhaps worth trying some year?  Maybe when we are too old for Transalp.  Too weak for Transalp.  When we no longer ride among the hard men of cycling.

Then we can try the "Haute Route" and stay in some nice hotels?

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