23 May 2011

Traffic Safety Day

On Friday evening last week, I made an informal presentation to the 特定非営利活動法人自転車活用推進研究会 -- English name the Bicycle Usage Promotion Study Group [of Japan] -- about a foreigner's views of cycling in Japan.  One of the audience members handed me a very useful item along with his meishi as we were chatting at the end of the talk.  It was the calendar below, in the form of a small, very thin card.   

It lists all of the "traffic safety" days for the second half of this year. 

This might be useful for someone who volunteers at traffic safety events, or for a policeman who needs to be out of the station house and on traffic duty those days.  It also might be nice to know when there will be lots of extra police at signals, volunteers at cross-walks, etc., and so one will need to be extra careful riding a bicycle so as to avoid giving offense. 

July 8, August 10, September 9, October 7, November 10 and December 9.  Make a note.


TOM said...

Good to know! Did you mention that recommendation for omawarisans when doing their patrol rounds by bicycle? (i.e. showing the good example by wearing helmets and cycling on the road)

David L. said...

Of course, Tom. I quizzed them about photos of police -- managed to find one with the policeman actually wearing a bicycling helmet, as well as photos of President Obama with helmet pre-election and without helmet post-election.

TOM said...

Perfect! Presentations/actions like this will help get the message through, I'm sure. You are making a great contribution to the betterment of public transportation!

Anonymous said...

Since I haven't heard much about your activities, decided I should check out the blog and catch up.
Love, Mom