12 October 2011

Another Reason NOT to ride a Mountain Bike on Single Track

The first few times I rode single track, when I was just getting into cycling 10-12 years back, a friend took me twice to a forested park in Montgomery County Maryland that had some very nice trails -- plenty of small logs and other obstacles to cross over, slopes to go up and down, branches to dodge, good clean mud.  It was a great course and a lot of fun. But on each short ride, we passed an ambulance that would come into an evacuation point at the edge of the forest to take out someone who had broken a bone.  I decided that I would rather stick to road cycling than risk injury on a mountain bike.  To those who do ride offroad -- chapeau. 

You have probably seen this video already (it was on CNN yesterday), but if not, maybe it can compensate some for the lack of photos, video or humor in the most recent posts by myself and Froggy ...

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