18 October 2011

Nov 3rd / 5th Tokyo Sanda (Kobe)

Due to a new business trip I have decided to modify the itinerary. Will start either from Tokyo or Katsunuma to reach Hiroshima via Japan sea 3 day later...
Tokyo / Kofu / Matsumoto / Nakasendo / Gifu / Fukui ken / Ishikawa ken / Shimane Ken Matsumoto / Takayama en route towards Fukui ken according to potential participants wishes.


I am planning a revenge trip (Yutaka & I had to give up in Kyoto due to ice) from Tokyo to Sanda (Kobe) on Nov 3rd to 5th. The plan is to leave at around 3 in the morning on Nov 3rd, rest in Gifu in the evening for few hours before heading to Biwako / Kyoto (or try the north shore road which seems nice also)
Anybody interested? (need to take Nov 4th off however).


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