24 October 2011

Chichibustan in Autumn -- Arima Attempt

On Sunday, a joint Franco-American expedition attempted to reach Arima Pass, a part of deepest Chichibustan long claimed by Belgian explorers for their crown.

We made it past the first bicycle portage -- the road construction having made noticeable progress since I was here in 2009 with Tom, the Belgian explorer, and Nishibe-san, our local guide.

But as we climbed, the jungle closed in, the road condition deteriorated, made worse by recent storms that had left the road covered with wet leaves and gravel in many places, our wheels slipping if we pushed too hard or tried to ride out of the saddle.  Eventually, we reached a stretch where the leaves hid an almost complete washout.  My rear tire flatted.  We turned around, defeated by the road, to head back for an important television event (NZ v France 2011 rugby world championship final).  Jerome flatted less than a kilometer into the descent, but the return trip was otherwise without incident, and swift.
Debris across the road to Arima
Unfortunately for the crowd at Chez Bouhet, the valiant French team -- which "showed up" for the first time in several weeks for the final match -- could not quite keep even with the almighty All Blacks of NZ.  On the other hand, my new Canyon "shows up" every ride, and performed well again yesterday with the fast HED Jet 6's -- a first try as I will definitely want them on for Saiko next month.


Manfred von Holstein said...

Wow, your Canyon looks really great. The HED wheels fit perfectly.

I did Arima Toge last on 4 June. Back then the road construction was perfectly complete and the rindo was overall in acceptable condition. I was on my Canyon with normal tyres. I wonder why they have pulled open the road just below the big construction.

Ben said...

Is that the Ultimate CF? I was thinking of getting one of those next summer. Do you like it? Any pros cons you can share?

David L. said...

Ben: Yes, that is an Ultimate CF. I am very happy with it after the first month or so of ownership, and will post a review here or elsewhere in due course. Excellent ride characteristics all around. A bit heavier and a lot less expensive than my former Cervelo R3 SL.

Manfred von Holstein said...

I too am a very happy owner of an Ultimate CF, though probably a slightly older model than David's or MOB's. 27,000km on mine, and I cannot fault it for anything.

David, so what is the actual weight difference between the two frames?

Ben said...

Great, thanks for the feedback. The CF is an excellent looking bike and seems to get only good feedback. Now just to choose which group to get with it....