20 January 2012

Saturday Ride, Weather Permitting

Snow on the neighboring rooftops this morning

We have had our fun riding in the mountains and enjoying the dry roads of the Kanto area in December and the first half of January, as areas far to our North and West have suffered from snow, rain and generally unpleasant winter cycling weather.

But even Tokyo submits at some point, cold, wet weather making it around the "rain shadow" defense of the mountains of Honshu, and almost guaranteeing that February and early March will bring the worst cycling weather of the year.

Today, we are already getting a taste of things to come, with wet snow falling since before dawn and the forecast for some precipitation again on Saturday afternoon/evening and at times on Sunday.  I am hopeful that we will get enough dry weather, with a temperature above freezing, so that a Saturday ride will be possible if we stay in South Kanto.

Absent really unpleasant weather conditions, Jerome and I will leave my house at 7:30AM Saturday for a ride around the Miura Peninsula.  We will go clockwise, and may stop at his friend's in Hayama on the return route.  This should be another "long, slow distance" effort.

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