23 January 2012

Spring training

PE Europe committed to Spring Training in Mallorca.
Sunday, 25 March to Sunday, 1 April, training camp in Pollentia (close to Alcudia).
Come join us and overtake (or not?!) these guys down Sa Calobra: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uftc6RG0mvs

David & Juliane


David L. said...

It sounds great ... though I doubt I can get there.

I'm sure you can overtake kids on longboards. You have the benefit of brakes.

The fact that MOB this winter, and now David & Juliane, are all returning to Mallorca after last year's training week, speaks very well for the place.

Anonymous said...

Yes, fab place, I only wish they had sashimi! ;)
We'll see you in the Pyrenees in August, David. I'll speak with froggy. Wedding plans slowly crystalize around September, so make sure you stay behind!