13 January 2012

Sunday Morning Ride - Anyone interested?

Tristan sent a note earlier in the week that he is back in town and wants to ride.  We will leave my house at 7:30 (which means 7:10 at Ebisu for anyone who wants to ride out and join). I think Jerome is up for it as well.

Apologies to the early start, but I need to be back home by 2:30PM. 

The plan is to maybe go to Itsukaichi, then head to Takao via Daigo Rindo.  If time permits we could do Wada Rindo as well (but not over the back side of Wada).

Also, according to his post on TCC's site, James M. is leading a group from Yanokuchi at 8AM, that will do an LSD (long slow distance) ride past Itsukaichi and over Kobu Tunnel, so we could join them for at least part of the ride if there is interest.

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