15 June 2012

New Electric Cycle Shop at the Tsutaya T-Site in Daikanyama

T-Site in Daikanyama is pretty incredible, if you have not been there.  Three buildings, listen to music and browse (Japanese) books, sip coffee to your heart's content.  Open until something like 2 AM.  Cafes, and even bike parking on site.

And I found a pretty cool electric bicycle shop in the back --  Motovelo.  Everything from the typical mama chari with battery assist to a 600,000 yen titanium model with disk brakes, carbon fork, Li-Ion batteries, etc.    Plenty for around 100,000-150,000 yen as well.  They are ... a bit heavy for my taste (mostly 20 kgs and up), but fit a very big niche.

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