09 June 2012

Sunday Ride - 7:30AM Tokyo time Start

Well, the beginning of the rainy season has been declared, and this year, for once, it is actually raining soon after the declaration.

The forecast for tomorrow, Sunday, looks a bit better, with dry, if cloudy (and sticky?) weather expected through the morning and into the early afternoon, maybe some rain late in the day.

So I'm planning to get in a ride.  Pete and Alexander are in so far ... a few others are in the "maybe" category.  All are welcome ... and we can meet people on the way up the river.

We will leave Komazawa Dori/Kanpachi area (i.e. near my house) at 7:30AM, and I want to get back by 2:30PM or so.  That should give enough time for a decent ride with a few hills.  Kobu Tunnel and Ura Wada?  Or maybe Bonbori Rindo/Daigo Rindo-Wada?   Or maybe straight to Tomin no Mori and back?  We can decide in the morning, depending on whether the roads and sky are dry.

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Anonymous said...

I happened across your blog. Good to see there are coffee lovers and cycling lovers all over the world. Very cool!