18 June 2012

Cycling Sandals

I'm enjoying my new cycling shoes.

I've experienced some foot pain (numbness in the metatarsals?) on recent VERY long rides -- PBP, and a couple of brief points on the Tohoku ride, so thought I would try these.  Regular sandals ... but with reflective stripes and ... SPD cleats!

They feel really nice.  Even better once I added the blue insoles from another pair of cycling shoes.

So in addition to some other attempted fixes to avoid any more pain in the feet, I'm going to bring these in my drop bag for the Cascade 1200.  Maybe try them a day ... or two ... or more.

P.S.  I should mention that in preparation for the Cascade 1200, I joined the Seattle International Randonneurs google group ... and an inquiry about strategies to avoid foot pain on long rides inspired about 25 responses.  The most common suggestions were custom orthotic inserts (not enough time), supports under the metatarsals (getting some -- cheap and available), roomy enough shoes (taking my old Cat 1 shoes -- more extra room than my current shoes, if a bit heavy), wearing thicker socks (hence the roomier shoes).  I did get one lengthy and reasoned explanation that flexier sandals with a smaller pedal platform would cause MORE pain.  But one of the riders on PBP swore by them and said they solved his foot problems, and several of the Seattle riders agreed.  And these feel GREAT on short rides.  So I'll at least try them one day.

P.P.S.  Update July 2013.  I love the sandals and have been using them mostly for commuting.  I keep business shoes in the office, so these are just fine -- easy to slip in and out of.  And in the hot, humid weather, sockless, they are nice and cool.  Feel the breeze on my toes as I ride!

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