21 September 2013


The Yamabushi is in the shop this week for a modification/upgrade ... so I have been riding my Bianchi Pista Concept 2006 fixie around town for the first time in awhile.  I had forgotten the joys of the fixie, but it all comes back quickly with some nice weather in the mornings following last weekend's typhoon.  If one of MOB's favorite blogs is the Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan (FGGT) site, then dare I lay claim to be, at least temporarily, "Fixed Gear Man Tokyo" (FGMT)?
My fixie as commuter bike, at the bike parking near my office.
UPDATE:  One commenter rightly noted the ugly addition of a kick-stand.  I reflected upon this, and realized that the kick-stand has not even really functioned effectively since it lost its bottom attachment.  And the bar tape is completely shredded.  And the seat is worn out, leather coming off around the tip.  Plus, with the dynamo hub-powered light, the other battery light on the top of the bars is unnecessary.

I need the brakes and a front/rear light, and bell and reflective tape, to use the bike as a commuter, but why make it any uglier, any less clean, than it needs to be?
Minus the kickstand and light; new bar-tape, matching saddle, and generally cleaned up

Another angle.  Still 2 rear lights. ... for safety.  Chain needs more tension ... 
My second fixie, now 7 years old ...
Saddle is a bit off-center ... will fix that now.  And tilt the bullhorn bars down a bit more parallel to the ground.


Ἀντισθένης said...

Kickstand? Sign you've been in Japan too long...

David Litt said...

Indeed ... the kickstand is only the worst of the modifications. Brakes! Cables! Lights!

But it is a commuter bike. Too much getting it knocked over or leaning against another bike to come back and find it on the ground.

Here is a photo of what it SHOULD look like.


David Litt said...

Updated the post with some photos of what the Bianchi looks like now. Still a commuter, but better than before. And no kickstand!