23 April 2014

74 Km Commute

Today was a beautiful day, and it also happened to be the day of the week when I go out to Keio SFC to teach a corporate law class in the public policy management faculty.

So I enjoyed a really, really nice 74 km round trip commute.  My legs are not quite fully recovered from this weekend's brevet, so I took it easy and no records were set, but it was a great day for a ride, even a ride including 15 kms each way on Route 246.  as well as other sections along a river, through neighborhoods, etc.

A few detours as I looked for the shopping center en route with QB House.
One of the nice parts of the ride home!
With 3 commutes to SFC this month, the Fleche (380+kms), the Nishi Tokyo brevet (350+kms), my regular commutes into town, and a few shorter rides, I am now at 1395 kms for the month.  And we have yet to enter Golden Week.

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