07 April 2014

Sunday short ride

This weekend work intervened, so I only got in some short rides.  On Sunday, Jerome inspired me to get up early and take a spin leaving home around 715AM.

I headed up the Tamagawa for about an hour, then back, trying to maintain a good pace.  Then I rode to and from my office on the Powercranks, to get some added leg muscle exercise.

Within 15 minutes of leaving my home I passed a Brevet rider, then a larger group, an eventually ended up riding with some of the faster ones (who were going at a pace I could only maintain because we were on the flats and because I planned to turn off within a hour).  The Brevet members said they were headed for Tsuchiura in Chiba.

It was still very quiet along the river, as rain overnight pushed back any early morning Sakura hanami plans.  It was noticeably more crowded an hour later, as the weather cleared and the blossoms opened.

I looked on the Audax website, but could not find an April 6 Brevet headed for Tsuchiura.  I did note a new local Audax group, AJ Tamagawa, whose rides depart from Futakotamagawa, very near my home.  Still, with the Fleche, 300 and 400 km Brevets, Hokkaido 1200, the SR600 permanents and other planned rides, there is far too little time left on the calendar for local brevets!

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