13 July 2014

Audax Bikes -- Japan vs International

Plenty of Audax-equipped bikes were on display at the Kitami rest area after H1200 was cancelled.

At this link you can see plenty of different bikes and cockpit setups.  Bear in mind that these photos were taken AFTER 500 kms of riding and almost a foot of rainfall.

Some surprises -- very few Japanese participants use "real" fenders.  Many use none at all, and some use simple clip on blades.  Also relatively few dynamo hubs ... surprising given their predominance on shopping and city bikes in Japan.  Indeed, most Japanese Audax riders use regular carbon framed road bikes, regular 700x23 tires, and just pile on some extra bags and a cockpit crowded with computer, GPS device and lights.

Here are two bikes of foreign participants -- both Titanium with SandS couplers, similar to my Audax travel set-up.  This is definitely the consensus approach for riders who do multiple 1200s and want to avoid excess baggage charges.
Lothar's bike.  Ti Seven with SandS couplers.  Brooks saddle; bags off at this point.  R23 rear rim with wider tire, RR415 front rim.  Bar end shifters.
Vincent's travel bike.  Ti Hampsten with SandS couplers, HED Belgium rims and 700x28 Conti 4 season tires.
Bags off at this point but visible in my other post.
Another interesting entry was that of Taiwan rider Nancy.  An Independent Fabrication frame and really cool carbon aerodynamic-shaped rear carrier.  I asked here where she got it and if it was expensive.  She said a friend had made it for her, custom-built and sized for her frame.  Oh well.
First Independent Fabrication frame I have seen in Asia ...
Rear carbon carrier custom built -- with integrated rear carbon fender!
Remember, the full set is here.

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