31 July 2014

Nagano Training Camp This Weekend

With the London chapter's Japan visit well underway, we will hold P.E. Training Weekend on August 2 and 3 (and 4 for International visitors and any who can take Monday off work).

We plan to leave Tokyo early via Nagano shinkansen, ride from the terminus and up at least to Shiga Kogen, then take Nagano Route 471 and continuations over to Nozawa Onsen, where we will spend Saturday night.  Detours are possible.  Sunday's right plan is not yet set, but we will do more climbs and end up near a shinkansen station for those who must return.

Any positivistas who will be in the area please let us know.  We have booked a large room at the inn Saturday night and so can probably take last minute additions upon request.


TOM said...

Enjoy the rides! Be sure to carry sufficient insect-repellant. Last time I was cycling near Nozawa with Ludwig, we were followed by swarms of abu and they bite right through lycra. If you happen to be allergic to their bite, you will go through hell.

David L. said...

Thanks Tom. I think Laurent got bitten by an Abu and had an allergic reaction ... but it was near Karuizawa in that case.