25 October 2014

Last Brevet of the Season

I was supposed to ride a 300 km brevet in Chiba on February 15, to kick off 2014.  Instead, that event was cancelled due to snow, so I will ride a 300 km Chiba brevet to finish 2014's randonneuring season.

I will ride my new bike -- the Canyon Shark!

The course is, well, a Chiba course ... a mix of inland ups and downs, valleys, and some long stretches of coastline -- Kujukuri Hama and another long stretch from Kamogawa to the southern tip of the Boso Peninsula.  The start is tonight, Saturday, 10PM.

At around 75 kms, the ride goes through Hiyoshidai, in Togane City, just past the site of 2 solar PV projects my company developed last year, and which Orix acquired from us at end of February 2014.  They are now in construction and I would love to get some good photos ... except I will be passing in the dark, between 1 and 2AM Sunday morning.

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