18 October 2014

Short Brevet ... with climbs and ride to/from the start

Tomorrow I will ride a 200km Nishi Tokyo Brevet originally scheduled for March, but rescheduled due to snow on Ashigara Pass during the pre-ride in February.  I was incredulous when told of the postponement back in February .... how could they give up so long before the event?  But in fact the weather was miserable and cold during the next two weeks, and no so the organizers were vindicated.  Too many cancelled events this year.  Next weekend is another, Chiba 300 km ride originally planned for February.

A 200 km Brevet, on mostly familiar roads, should be easy, and yes, short.  Except for the climbs.  Pretty much constant up and down on this route between Tsukui-ko and Tsuru, then up to Kawaguchi-ko, then again up to Ashigara Pass. And then again, it will not be 200 kms, but more like 255 kms, as I will ride to and from the start in Machida, adding another 55 kms or so.

In any event, the forecast looks great for tomorrow.  Clear and cool all day.  The course, while not original, should have many nice sections.

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