25 October 2014

Wheel No. 00020. TNI CX wide rim, Ultegra 6800 rear hub, DT Competition drive side/Revolution non-drive side

I built up a wheel to use with my new 11-speed rear Ultegra 6800 groupset.  (I had only one other rear hub in all my existing wheel inventory--the Fulcrum Racing 3 tubeless--that works with an 11 speed cassette.)

The TNI rim was around 4000 yen -- cheap.  And the Ultegra hub should be bulletproof, if a bit heavy.  32 spokes, triple cross, with DT Swiss Competition (2.0-1.8mm double butted) spokes drive side, and Revolution (2.0-1.5mm) non-drive side.  The rim is a bit taller and heavier than my "usual" Velocity A23s, and essentially the same width (23mm outside).  It built up very easily.

Should be a good training wheel for the Shark.

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