13 June 2015

Chubu 600 - Jerome's Final PBP Qualifier

Since the SR600 Fuji does not count toward the standard 200/300/400/600 series needed to qualify for PBP, and since Jerome's travel schedule kept him out of a few planned 600 km rides in May and early June, today Jerome is riding a Chubu Audax-sponsored 600km brevet to complete his PBP qualifications.

Tanaka-san is also participating as 実走スタッフ-- I guess Chubu Audax staff who get to ride the event.  His Facebook note mentions that "other than [Litt] the entire [2014] Fleche team is participating and everyone is hanging in there."  Bonne route, Jerome, Tanaka-san, Kozakai-san and Higuchi-san.

Makes me wish I was there!  And I look forward to being reunited at PBP.
8AM, early checkpoint.  Note the Audax Japan PBP 2015 jersey on the approaching rider.
Lots of castles in the Aichi/Gifu area.  Ground zero in the Oda/Toyotomi/Tokugawa transitions.
A later PC, during the Noon hour. Jerome's Look and yellow water bottle on the left side.
At this blistering pace, as long as the weather does not get too hot, I think Jerome is going to set a record for his 600 km time.  30 hours?  Not impossible by any means on this course.

Messrs. Tanaka and Kozakai outside of famous sushi restaurant

dinner and message check, photo shoot

Spectacular Kaisendon for Jerome

Happy camper, shiny top light
Moonlight swim in the Sea of Japan ...

Recalls other famous Jerome swims. ...

The group stopped at a Kanzawa "Kenko Land" for a decent sleep, and suffered through some heat on the second day.  In the end, Jerome finished together with Messrs. Tanaka, Kozakai and Higuchi, in around 37:40.  A leisurely time, but one that allowed plenty of leeway in case of difficulty and time for good food, some sleep and a swim in the ocean!

En route to the start, Jerome reports that he stopped to visit his homestay family from many decades past.  Little did they realize when they accepted a homestay member that it would be a relationship of this length!  Based on the garlands around his neck, he seems welcomed home as the hero returned from battle.

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