21 June 2015

Oregon Randonneur Bike Under Construction - Bantam Bicycle Works

After my post a couple days back about the "made in Japan" parts I am sending off to Bob Kamzelski for the "made in Oregon" randonneur bike, Bob was kind enough to forward a few more photos of my frame in construction at the Bantam Bicycle Works shop.

This is what framebuilding looks like when you use silver brazing paste and lugs to "give birth to" a new bicycle frame.  Much more messy than the almost antiseptic TIG welding process!  (And the acetyline torch produces a More like an artist doing something creative.  Less like a factory where the humans might be replaced by, well, the robotic welders of a Nissan or Toyota factory.

The beauty of lugs -- some bicycle fans can get a bit obsessive on the topic.

Ready for some Mafac Racer brakes
Why the gap in the downtube?  S and S couplers, of course!

The frame is done, including couplers (though still needs racks, paint, etc. ...)  You can see photos on Bob's Flickr photostream here.  The full frame looks like this:
... but you should check out the photostream for more photos of beautiful lugs, the bridge between the seat stays, and more!

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