20 June 2015

Parts for the Oregon Randonneur Bike ... Mostly from Japan

Bob Kamzelski (Bantam Bicycle Works), former head framebuilder at Bilenky Cycles in Philadelphia, is building me a randonneur bike this summer.  I plan to inaugurate it on Cycle Oregon in September.  Of course, the bike is "made in Oregon".  But it also will have some really great components from Japan ... and a few from elsewhere.

This will be a beautiful bike!

Some of the items I am sending to Bob, most of which I have gotten via Hiroshi at C Speed:

1.  Honjo Koken "hammered" fenders.  The standard by which all others are measured.  (Photos by Hiroshi)

 2.  Nitto 65 seatpost / pillar.  Beautiful.

3. Nitto B135AA rando handlebars.  Nice curves!

3.  Sugino Mighty Tour Compact cranks!  Beautiful!

4.  Minoura bottle cages (3).  Basic but nice!

5.  Two polished metal (herashibori) bottles.  Complete with drinking cap/cup and cork.  Beautiful!

 And a few parts NOT from Japan:

6. Supernova E3 Pro 2 dynamo light. My favorite.  And this new version throws off a bit of light outside the main beam to far L and R for safety.

7.  SV -8 Dynamo hub for front wheel.  The standard!

8.  Beautiful leather bar tape from Dipell of Australia (thanks to David Marx of RGT)

9.  Brooks "Professional" Saddle, broken-in with the Lon Haldeman method ... not easy with the "Professional" model with uses the thickest part of the cow hide.

Slathered with mink oil for the break-in rides.
This is going to be a REALLY nice bicycle.  Oh, did I mention that Bob is building the frame already?  He sent one photo. ... and more may show up on Flickr or the Bantam Bicycle Works website before it is done!


Unknown said...

now this is a real exciting project! Looking forward to seeing the end-result! (I'm also thinking of getting a randonneur...which would be my very last bike, probably)

David Litt said...

Hi Tom: First, try some randonneuring. Then get the randonneur bike! Best, David

Unknown said...

Yes David will do