17 December 2015

36 Views of Fuji (Litt)

First, there were Hokusai's famed 36 views of Fuji.

Then Hiroshige followed suit in the 1850s with another 36 view series.

Now I have started to work on my own series, depicting the modern Mt. Fuji, world heritage site whose view is revered in Japan.  Lots of buildings and power lines in the foreground!

A few of the new Fujis below ... check back from time-to-time as more may be added:

Otarumi Pass Fuji
Komae Fuji

Chofu Fuji

Tachikawa (South) Fuji
Tachikawa (North) Fuji

Shonandai (SFC) Fuji

Ayase Fuji
Komazawa Dori Fuji

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