02 December 2015

Renovo Makeover

I really enjoyed riding the Renovo last month ... but a few adjustments remained since the ones I had made back in April when I first got it.

-- Replace the black 130mm stem with a nice silver Ritchey Classic stem.
-- Replace the 44cm outside measure handlebars with 44cm C-to-C measure bars.
-- Replace the cheapo padded bar tape I had used to cover the thin Lizardskins tape that came on it ... with some gel pads and beautiful brown leather Dipell vintage bar tape.
-- Bleed (or at least "burp") the front hydraulic disk brake since it was getting a bit soft.
-- Most important, add fenders so that I can use it in rainy conditions on long rides with comfort.  I got a pair of smooth polished Honjo Koken aluminum fenders via C Speed, and installed these this evening.  The fenders come without even holes drilled in them.  I had a bit of trouble fitting the front one, given the clamp of the Busch & Mueller dynamo powered light that protrudes down below the front of the fork crown, but managed in the end.  And I placed the front fender so it rides a bit further back than typical, and goes closer to the ground -- a "must" for dry feet and avoiding gunk on the BB area.

The result is a bike I hope will be an absolute joy to use for long rides next year in all conditions, as well as one that is beautiful to look at.


CM said...

What kind of fork do you have on the Renovo ?

David Litt said...

Hi CM. I have no idea what type of fork it is. It is a big, beefy carbon fork designed for disk brake and with extra tire/fender clearance and fender tabs -- a cyclocross fork.