17 December 2015

Keio SFC Commute

This Fall I continue to teach a class at Keio University's Shonan Fujisawa Campus on Wednesday afternoons.  More often than not, I do the commute by bicycle, around 75-80 kms roundtrip from my home, and around 95-100 kms total if I also make a morning commute into town.
Morning trip into Tokyo on Wednesday ... included Rugelach and coffee at The City Bakery near Hiroo

Foliage at SFC

Winter nears at SFC
This mid-week ride really helps out when I cannot get in a weekend ride ... as this past weekend when I was traveling and only returned to Narita Sunday afternoon.  And now that I have done this regularly for a couple of years, it no longer tires me out noticeably!
Ready to start the ride home -- darkness comes early in December, but with my randonneuring lights this is not a problem.


llewellyn said...

Over the last 5 years I have stayed in the Hiroo area for up to a month when touring and The Bakery on Meiji dori is a favorite of mine. Back in march 2016 so dinner at Ippudo and coffee at The Bakery.

David Litt said...

Hi Llewellyn: I have only been to The City Bakery a few times ... but always really liked it. The baked goods have been excellent -- the Rugelach was hefty and tasty -- great fuel on a day with lots of riding ahead. Often I have passed by and thought of stopping ... only to see it is chock full of people.

Manfred von Holstein said...

My favourite bakery for bread. Always buy there when I'm in Osaka. Haven't been to their Hiroo store.