08 January 2017

First Otarumi of 2017

Made it to Otarumi Pass just beyond Takao on Saturday riding the Renovo -- smooth as silk.
Mt. Fuji between the power lines and poles.
Along the Asagawa the usual winter activity of moving piles of dirt and rock around was well underway.

Your tax dollars at work ... to save the town from any flooding!
Today, Sunday, it is cold and cloudy, with rain expected later.  A cold feet kind of cycling day gives an opportunity to demonstrate the proper way to use chemical feet warmers (使い捨てカイロ?) to the blog readership.  Place them on TOP of your toes outside the socks (in my case double socks - thin and thick wool pairs), inside your cycling shoes. Make sure your toes have room inside the shoes. If you place them on the BOTTOM of your toes, then as the chemical material hardens it can cause discomfort. Also, they may get damp ... and these warmers FAIL as soon as they get wet.

With this morning's "Tokyo Cranks" coffee ride, I am well clear of 500 kms for January (actually I was there by the 7th) -- a Festive New Year 500.
It was a major effort to get the Renovo set up again.
Learned all about hydraulic disk brakes, Di2 shifting installation, and more!
Look forward to riding it on some major trips in Japan this year.

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