08 January 2017

News from our Founder - Cycling in Bremen Featured on Radio Bremen video

The founder of Positivo Espresso, Michael O.B. Kraehe (aka "MOB"), has news from Bremen, where he and his cycling activities were featured on a recent broadcast by the local media about cycling in Bremen.  He needed to share riding, wrenching, blogging (in German) and discussing his love of cycling during the 10 minute feature with the local Brompton folding cycle club and its leader, but MOB still got plenty of time. And I was delighted to see him wearing his Positivo Espresso jersey during the cycling portions of the video.

I don't understand German, but really did not need to in order to enjoy this -- cycling is a universal language, after all, like music!

The video is accessible at this link.  ("Play" arrow is a bit hidden at the very lower left corner of the screen).


Richard said...

He's looking good!

Is he winning your losing-weight challenge? ;-)

David Litt said...

No comment on the weight challenge. I got an extension ... and need another one. Too many issues on other fronts to focus on that the past year.