21 January 2017

Japan Handmade Bicycle Show - The Parking Lot - Part 3

As Jan Heine's blog post from last year's show noted, this year as well there were quite a few interesting bikes in the parking lot at the Japan handmade bicycle show. Not just my Renovo!
This proud owner told me he hand-sewed the leather trim on his basket.
And he pointed out the bike in the next photo to me.

Venus -- apparently a very rare bike today, probably from the 1960s, for Keirin racing use.

Rear brake for Keirin racing! Pull the lever - kind of like stopping a sled.

A pair of Amanda road bikes. Maybe his and hers ...?

A pair of Bromptons -- maybe his and hers?

One of several Bike Fridays I saw - Made in Oregon.

Vogue/Orient Industries. A builder in Kamakura?
Very bright, safety colors. Alfine internal hub. Distinctive.

Ravanello - made in Japan.

More Cherubim firehouse red!

Francesco Moser frame -- do not see many of these classics in Japan.

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