01 January 2018

Festive 500 2017 - End of Year Rides

This year I missed the first two days of the Strava / Rapha Festive 500 for a trip to Nagano (by car) with visiting family on December 24th and 25th, but was hell bent on completing the Festive 500 challenge in the remaining six days to get in some long, slow distance and to begin training for the new year.

I think it worked. On January 1, my legs are stiff and muscles tired.

But over the course of the week I felt as if I was slowly creeping back into the cycling shape I had a year and more ago. The last half of 2017 was a bit of a bust from a cycling perspective. My last big, big rides were the Isabella Byrd series over Golden Week, and not enough training, or focus, since: A failed half-effort at SR600 Nihon Alps on the only plausible weekend to try during the fall -- doomed from before the start by an approaching typhoon. No brevets.

Leaving aside some short unrecorded in-town rides to work and nearby locations on the first two days, the last week of the year I managed:

12/26  57.7kms
12/27  67.6kms
12/28  92.3 + 6.3 kms (98.6 kms)
12/29  98.7 + 3.4 + 37.3 kms (139.4 kms)
12/30  68.4 + 2.5 + 2.4 kms (73.3 kms)
12/31  103.9 + 15.0 kms (118.9 kms)
(and another 14.4 back home from the New Year party at Jerome's sister's place that did not "count" since after midnight).

So 556 kms of "official" mileage and another probably 25 kms of "unofficial".  This is good enough for 5,330th place out of over 80,000 participants in the Festive 500. Just doing 501 kms would be only good enough for something like 17,000th place. Another 100+kms and I would be in the top 1,000 globally. That gives a good idea how many people are just focused on getting to 500!

I think doing all of these shorter rides, at moderate pace, stretched out over the week, was much better for conditioning than 2 years ago when I did nearly half the mileage on one long final day. I could also use the opportunity to explore "exit routes" by bicycle from my new home in Takanawa, and I found one good one that gets me a good part of the way south from here toward the Tamagawa, Haneda Airport, and the border with Kawasaki, while avoiding the main roads. Also, I re-learned the lower stretch of paths along the Tamagawa, from Haneda to Marukobashi, and realized that much of it can be a good training route.
Lower Tamagawa stretch
Now two days off the bike, then the 2018 campaign begins!
"I'll have a pizza and an IPA."

Enjoying my "just right" Q36.5 winter wear. 


mob said...

Since a long time I wanted to write to thank David for keeping the Positivo Espresso Blog alive almost single handed. Thank you, David. I still read every entry and I am sure that alot of other Positivistas do as well, so please keep aup the good work - have a good start in 2018.

David Litt said...

Thanks for the thanks. For all practical purposes it has been my individual blog, and a neglected one, these past couple years. Co-bloggers are welcome.
Facebook and other social media provide for instant gratification that makes a blog seem, well, very old-fashioned. But I think as we see more and more downsides to Facebook, blogs might just make a comeback. I should figure out if the google blogger platform has tools that would make it easier to use with my iphone ... of figure out some other easy way to keep the blog fresh.
Best of luck with your new venture -- the Cyclyng shop and cafe in Bremen.
Best, David