01 January 2018

January 3 - Miura Tip Ride

After two days off the bicycle (today and tomorrow), I plan to ride the Miura Peninsula tip on January 3.

If you would like to join, I suggest meeting at the Yokosuka Chuo Station (Keihin Kyukou -- NOT to be confused with the Yokosuka JR station) entrance at 930AM and have bikes assembled and on the road a few minutes later. If you go by train, it is less than 50 minutes from Shinagawa by express on the Keihin Kyukou). Or you can switch from another like to Keihin Kyukou at Yokohama Station.

The "main" ride would be from Yokosuka Chuo along the coast and ending at Misakiguchi Station -- about 48 kms on the route I suggest. It is also possible to ride down (adding another 55+kms) and/or to continue on around the west side of the peninsula to Kamakura, Enoshima and beyond.

The proposed "main" route can be seen here:


We can get an early lunch of maguro-don or other specialty at Jogashima or in the town of Misakiguchi just across from Jogashima.

Please drop me a note (to David G. Litt via FB Messenger) if you want to join. RSVP required.

This will be a relaxed pace ride, and I am happy to help newbies, including anyone who is not accustomed to using a rinko bag and carrying their bike on the train.
(Also posting to Tokyo International Cyclists and Tokyo Cranks).

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