29 January 2018

Miura quick winter ride

Sunday we still had ice and snow NW of Tokyo, and I had a lot of work, but needed exercise. What to do? I hopped the Keihin Kyuko limited express from Shinagawa to a stop in southern Yokosuka, and rode to within sight of Jogashima and back to Kurihama. 45-55 minutes each way on train seated and able to read, for just over 2 hours and 50kms of nice riding along the coastline. Not bad. A good winter compromise. Some of "the usual" photos for this route, on a cloudy morning:

Bike leaning, at Kannonzaki

Blue-hulled container vessel in the distance

Chiba - Boso across the bay


Richard said...

Tank Road was still a no-no yesterday, after the solar farm. Today won't increase the problems, but will pause any improvement. :-(

Manfred von Holstein said...

Thanks for the intelligence! How is your parakeet doing these days? Do you have any new videos to share?

Richard said...

Sadly Sven died in October 2016, when he was 10. I always tip my hat when I pass grave on the Tank Road.

Now I share my home with Saul. He is a lovely fellow, but has a revolting foot fetish.

Richard said...

The Tank Road is STILL compromised at the same places it was two weeks ago! It's bloody annoying, but I really respect the way it can cling on to two inches of dangerous ice close to three weeks after the snow fell.

I'm only walking the Road, but those dodgy spots are still dangerous.

Today I walked from my home (Tank Road, near Obirin uni) to Mt Takao, and the only winter-bound areas were the Tank Road, Minami Osawa side streets, and shady areas near Takao.

Manfred von Holstein said...

Thank you for the update. You may not believe it but we also still have snow and ice in our street in central Tokyo! But I have not seen any elsewhere. Looks like we live in a particularly cool place :)