19 January 2008

Deserted Tomin-no-Mori

RdV at Koremasa Bridge with Jerome (NFCC), Adam (NFCC) and Nishibe-san at 8:30...everyone on time...not a small feat with today's freezing temperatures! A midwinter ride it turned out to be indeed. Like last week, there was a fairly strong and chilly headwind blowing from the northwest slowing us down far below 30km/h. Nishibe-san left us at the Itsukaichi 7/11 and the 3 of us headed towards the Honjuku T-junction undecided where to go from there as we had entered twilight snow zone. I was intent to break my previous TT-record and as soon as we passed the T-junction, I began to give everything in my might. Sorry for leaving you guys behind! Once I passed the Uenohara Y-junction, roadside snow and ice on the road began to take increasingly frightful proportions. For some reason (the cold?) I just couldn't find the right cadence today and was shifting gears constantly...no good for the legs - I tell you! As soon as I drove into Tomin-no-Mori's parking lot, I stopped my stopwatch....1:04:10...sh*(*)t! I had just failed to reach my under-1h goal. It has got to be the season....only way to defend myself. Wrong season for breaking records...yeah yeah! Tomin-no-Mori was completely deserted, just like when I got there the day after last fall's typhoon. Tried on one of those special "heat-tech" face masks (the kind that makes you appear like a bank robber) for the descent...wow this feels great...except my big nose felt like freezing off and so did my fingers....gloves being of very little avail. Heartbeat dropped down to 110 during the descent and this does not help to keep warm. I was careful not to gain any speed in order to avoid slipping and slamming down the surface on those "Eisbahns" that were lurking around most shadowy curves. I reached Itsukaichi safely and it then occured to me that I had not crossed Jerome and Adam...they must have wisely turned to the left at the Uenohara Y-junction. Saw Michael who was cycling on the other side of Mutsumibashi-dori direction Itsukaichi...quite a late start you made there Michael! I bet you did the Jerome hill... Took a long 42C hot bath right after I reached home a little before 14:00...wow this felt good! Can't wait for my next 大寒 ride!


mob said...

it is too early in the season to try to go below 1 hour for the Tominnnomura TT I guess. By the way, I checked the elevation difference today and it is app. 750 m. But I am sure with a lot of training, your new Vlaams bike and a better weather and temperatures in the 10 - 20 degree range this year you will make it.

And I will train hard as well, loose 25 kg of weight and make it as well on my new Cervelo.

Unknown said...

I heard you Michael! Now you've got to reach that goal!! By the way, what do you mean swinging from left to right on the HT? Did you get one of those all-roller type ones? If you're using a "normal" HT with only the back wheel mounted on the roller and you're experiencing those swings, one possible cause could be "saddle too high," try lowering your saddle a bit. Also "think circles" as you pedal and reduce resistance to the lowest level first (keeping cadence constant between 90~100)