06 January 2008

Jerome and I had a nice, relaxed winter training ride today. He started slow -- the aftereffects of a trip to Tomin no mori earlier in the week and a long run yesterday. As usual, by the end, he was pulling me home down the Tamagawa.
We went over Otarumi west of Takao (no attempt for the record today), took C.V.'s once-secret route around the South side of Sagami-ko, then Rte 76 over to Doshimichi and home from there. We tried a detour on Rte 513 (the North side of Tsukui-ko), which was beautiful with the sun reflecting on the lake to our south, and very little traffic on that road as it climbs up and then plunges down to a bridge over the lake ... and back to Rte 413.

Here is a map of the ride:

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TOM said...

Only found out this morning about today's ride...I should check this blog more regularly! I envy you guys...the weather was great but I had some homework left to finish. I thought it was necessary to edit today's report...sometimes it is better to use initials as I know this person would appreciate better.

marek said...

what can I say .. I am very sorry for not making it .. but believe it or not, but I wasnt physically able to ride with you guys due to a flu .. damn those old japanese houses !