11 January 2008

sunday - anyone ?

tomorrow looks like rain - but sunday should be fine (though cold). anyone interested in going for a ride ?


David Litt said...

I'm in -- would like to plan on a half day ride. It will be cold, so I would avoid higher elevations abd descents down shaded road surfaces.
David J. may be interested.

8:30AM start at my house/Futako? Earlier/colder?

marek said...

great ! i agree , we ought to avoid high elevations. but since i dont know many of your routes i will have to leave it up to you guys where to go .. okutama-loop maybe an option!?

8.30 AM at davids l. house !

p.s. weather forecast looks perfect!

marek said...

i will not go out tonight - so i will be THERE - promised !

mob said...

I need to be in Yokohama at 3 PM for a later dinner appointment with my wife and some friends. So if we start at 8 AM at Davids house I would have maximum 5 hours time for riding, so either Jerome or Otarumi and back.

David Litt said...

I can start at 8AM if Marek is okay with that.

Either Jerome Hill or over Otarumi and back.

Marek -- Let us know if 8AM works.

Unknown said...

I'm in too...9:00 @ Sekidobashi? Can someone give David J. a call? He's very eager for a ride but I don't have his phone nr.

mob said...

Ok, 8 AM at Davids house and 9 AM at Sekidobashi. See you guys.

David Litt said...

I spoke with David J. late afternoon. He may join, but was not sure. He said he would check email and so should have Marek's note as well.

Dress warmly, and good night.