08 January 2008

New Blog Title Logo

Since the winter vacations I am tinkering with the idea to make some simple Positivo Espresso T-shirts. I did this a while ago for the Yamanote Challenge. Just print some logos on a special printing paper and with an iron you can easily transfer it to T-shirts. Provided you do only one or two, it is a fairly good method, otherwise you need to go to the fitness studio to enlarge your upper arm muscles plus you better made sure not to burn the table on which you are ironing.

I already bought a nice t-shirt a MUJI yesterday. Hope I will make it home early to give it a try tonight. If you like to do one yourself, please let me know.

Also I decided to change the title blog logo with my t-shirt design. For some reasons, it doesn't fit as nicely in the the green frame as the old title did. Perhaps I will play around a little bit.


Anonymous said...

I love the new logo Michael! Talking about T-shirts...why not produce cycling jerseys from the start? I mean those T-shirts, they just suck too much sweat to be comfortable when riding our bikes which is the only other thing we do besides sleeping, eating and drinking. I'd be very happy to purchase one or two jerseys! PearlIzumi and WaveOne accept minimum orders of 5 pieces I believe.

mob said...

Thanks for your encouraging comment.
Yes Tom, this is a very old idea, we are pursueing for some time. I would like to try with the t-shirts first and once there is sufficient interest, to give it a try with the jerseys. I have checked out some providers in Japan and Europe and it is very easy to get them printed and reasonably cheap. I also asked a friend of mine, who was doing product design for skis to help me.
Let's see.

marek said...

michael. impressive work - nice logo & slogan !!! hi think its a good idea to strengthen the identity of our team, but i dont see a point in buying t-shirts - purchasing proper cycling jerseys would be a much better idea as we can actually use them.

David Litt said...

Sign me up for a bike jersey. ... and you might want to check that Nagai-san is okay with including the Positivo-derived logo on the shirt -- he might want some for his store?

I have too many t-shirts already.

the ups and downs of a belgian amateur cyclist in tokyo said...

Michael...consensus is growing for the jersey instead of the T-shirt! Let's do it!

mob said...


Sorry there is a substantial misunderstanding between us here. I didn't say that I will make t-shirts for all of you. I am going to make one t-shirt for myself by printing out the logo and iron it to a t-shirt I bought.
In case you would be interested, I would send you either the data or even the logo printed on the special paper, so that you can iron it at home to any t-shirt you have.

I am not planning to produce a team t-shirt.

Concerning the issue of jerseys; wouldn't it be nice to have team jerseys? Yes. Wouldn't it be nice if I would handle that all? Yes.
Will I do it? No.
It is just too time consuming and too risky I feel. I would be ready to do the complete design for the jersey and also ask Nagai san for permission to use his logo. Part I.

But the actual printing and handling of the sizes, shipping them out, collecting the money ... too cumbersome. Part II.

So if anyone would be ready to help
me and take over part II, I would be ready to start.

Please also see my review of 2007.

the ups and downs of a belgian amateur cyclist in tokyo said...

I agree Michael, the task is tiresome, risky and perhaps not worth the trouble if there is litlle or no appreciation for the person who initiated the idea and/or devoted all his time to accomplishing it. I know the feeling all too well. We need a person with initiative & a bit of entrepreneurship willing to sacrifice a bit of his or her time for this. I for sure am too lazy to volunteer.