10 March 2008

Marek's "Tour de Kyushu" (17th March - End of March)

This will be the first time for me doing a bicycle tour thats lasts longer than 2 days, which will pose new challenge and create new experience. I have always been wanting to do it - even on a bigger scale - but have never pursuited it properly - but now the time has come to do it - on a smaller scale.

My "Tour de Kyushu" will start of in Fukuoka on 17th March. From there I will head down to Nagasaki, from where i will continue on to Kumamoto. After visiting the famous Mount Aso, I will cycle down to Oita and Beppu, where I will hopefully be healthy enough to enjoy one of the famous natural onsen. All depending on how things go I might head back up to Fukuaoka, or go to Kita-Kyushu from where I could take a train back to Tokyo.

Below is a map of the intended route :

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My means of transportation : my Felt F70

Please come and visit my travel blog for updates on my journey.

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mob said...


good luck for your tour de Kyushu, looks like a nice plan. To start from Kita-Kyushu might be a mistake although, the northern part is rather boring industrial wasteland.

I have been in a town called OBI in 1992, which is not so far away from the coast south of Miyazaki and it was one of the most beautiful rural places in Japan.

But I don't want to spoil your plans, I believe you will have a good time.

Once back you should be in good shape and able to beat all of us handily, provided you beat yourself and manage to get out of the bed early on the weekend.