07 March 2008

Tomin-no-mori TT on Sunday?

Hoping Mob's suitcase was found, all the Shimano parts got recovered and Nagai-san can finish the assembling job in time, how about doing a short TT of Tomin-no-mori this Sunday? I'll be trying to break my previous record and finish in less than 1 hour.



mob said...

Excellent - just what I had in mind.

May I suggest 8.00hr at Davids house for some of us and 9.00hr at Sekidobashi for Tom?

Let,s take it easy to Itsukaichi, take a break at the 7-Eleven and then everybody goes up at his own pace to Tomin no mura.

Then back to Itaukaichi rather than to Okutama? Or not?

I visited Nagai-sans shop yesterday and handed over all parts, the complete assembly of my new bike will however still take a week or even more time. So I will still ride on my green Cannondale.

Nagai-San also agreed to sell the surplus positivo espresso jerseys at this shop on commission basis.

I guess I can start with the jerseys finally.

David L. said...

A good plan. 8AM from my house.

Thanks, Michael, for dealing with the jerseys. Maybe we will have them in time for the Itoigawa Fastrun -- still 10 weeks away. If you need to pay the vendor in advance, let me know how much I owe you for my two.

David J. separately sent me a note that he had lunch with Tom on Friday and wants to ride Sunday. 8AM is fine. I THINK I can make it, but won't know for certain until tonight or even the morning.

mob said...

Ok, I will be a David's house at 8 AM, later at Sekidobashi at 9 AM. I have two one litre waterbottles for you guys (Tom and David), so you do not need to prepare your own ones.

TOM said...

Very sweet of you Michael! See you at 9:00!! Went to Yamanakako today...superb!

mob said...

Thanks for the nice ride guys. Legs are still hurting today but I feel good. I need more training though before racing in Shunzenji at the end of the month. If anybody is interested to join me, please let me know, deadline for application is March 17th.