27 March 2008


It took some time, but finally I could coordinate a good design with F2P in Singapore for the Positivo Espresso team jersey. As (almost) all members had confirmed their required sizes, I finally informed F2P today that they can start the manufacturing. If everything goes to plan, we should have the jerseys available by mid May, just in time for the Itoigawa fast run event.

I really hope that everybody is satisfied with the final design; some modifications became necessary to adopt to the production process. If there is really something important you would like to change, please let me know ASAP, so that I can get in contact with F2P. But it should be really important - as this might endanger our mid May deadline.


Unknown said...

Michael, I love it! Many, many thanks & let's hope we get to ride in it to Itoigawa!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys what's the programm for this week end? Finally I will be in town & plan to ride sunday morning till 2 or 3 oclock. Since I cycled to Yamanakako last week, I would suggest going towards Matsuhime...


mob said...

Hi Jerome,

I raced on Saturday in Shuzenji. Will take a break on Sunday.



David Litt said...

Michael -- hope you enjoyed Shuzenji, if that is possible!
Jerome -- sorry I could not make it out. I had guests on Saturday and worked Sunday ... other than a short spin as the rain started to fall in mid-afternoon. This job is starting to interfere with my cycling!!

By the way, I see there is another ride across Japan, on May 3, from Kawagoe to Niigata. ... 280 km. If we don't get into the Itoigawa fast ride, ... maybe something to think about.