01 April 2008


As the weather looks ok and the cherry blossoms are out as well, Juliane and me were thinking about planing a lomger ride in direction Shimoda next weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. We would meet and leave early in the morning by Shinkansen from Shinagawa station traveling to Atami or Mishima, then ride either in inner Izu or on the West coast in southern direction. We have not made detailed plans yet and welcome any ideas.

Last weekend, when I came back from the Shuzenji race [no further comment about that one] I notice a signboard pointing the the Yamabushi Toge. That one sounds nice.

We can also ride down road 414 to Shimoda - I always wanted to do the spiral on my bike. And then jump into the outdoor onsen pools just next to it.

Please let me know, if you are interested.


TOM said...

Michael, what do you mean no FURTHER comment about Shuzenji???...I don't think we received any comments yet from you! HaHa! Real curious now! Won't be able to make it to Izu this weekend. Will be training for next month's Kusatsu race.

David L. said...

The Izu ride sounds great. I want to get out on Saturday, but I don't know if work or family will permit a 14-16 hour excursion to Izu, as opposed to a 6-8 hour trip to Tsuru and Matsuhime (or Kazahari). Let's touch base on Friday.

James said...

I am in the same boat as David.. sounds like a wonderful excursion but I won't have the time this weekend.. later in the season I hope.. I would be keen to ride on Saturday..

Juliane said...

oh, come on boyz! lets go to Izu this Saturday!
neednt be 14hrs, how about getting on the train early-ish, get off at Mishima and ride for a couple of hours down south?! who wants to go home early could do only a little loop, either take the 59 back to Ito, or Shuzenji, or back to Mishima/Atami. its nice down there! nicer than doing 7hrs to Kazahari or Matsushime. (which never is only 7hrs anyways... ;-)

I am going to stay in Ozawa-Onsen, thus could do the full monty. :-)

David L - i am sure you would like to re-visit that toll-booth?! and the grave of the forgotten cyclist...

James - pls come along too! you dont go to Shimoda anyways?

mob said...

Nice icon, Juliane - glad to have you with us now. I immediately granted you like everybody else administrative rights on the blog, so you can change the layouts etc. as you like.

Now concerning Izu, the weather looks just fine on Saturday, the cherry blossons are perfect and the excellent Kodama 535 leaves Shinagawa station by chance at 07:34 for Mishima. That couldn't be more perfect.

I will however go back to Tokyo the same day to spend Sunday with my family. So it would be nice if somebody would come along who does not stay in the area.

James said...

Apologies.. I cannot ride at all on Saturday now.. as for Sunday I have a birthday brunch to go to and so will only be able to sneak in a few hours early in the day.. no Shimoda this weekend, but I will be down there for most of golden week :)

Juliane said...

Alright, Michael - David J and I will meet you at Shinagawa to take the excellent Kodama 535. I'll print out several maps so we wont miss the spiral brigde.

David L and Jerome - I expect you make it to and fro Yamanakako! ;-)

enjoy and ride safe!
and see you soon for a joint ride

James said...

Be aware that the spiral descent is very bumpy through the two tunnels.. the road surface is made up of those concrete slabs with indented circles (to aid water dispersion - i think).. have fun and ride safe

mob said...

Juliane, David,

I will be at Shinagawa station at 7 AM tomorrow morning.


TOM said...

Looking forward to the travelogue report of this one!