11 April 2008

New Togebaka added

yes, 1,560 meters high...

I have added No. 6 on our list...a fantastic climb about 16km long and going up at an average inclination of 8% or so. Vertical drop from top to Magi Intersection is about 1,100 meters.

Here's the map ①~⑩:


When the wind is blowing from the right direction splendid views of Fujisan are guaranteed (Fujisan as depicted on the old 500 yen bill was photographed from this O-toge).

Midway, the road is closed to normal traffic meaning paradise to hillclimbers and monkeys the latter breed present in far greater numbers!

(This incredible hill was introduced to me by YellowGiant of TCC. Thanks Travis!)


David L. said...

I hope I get to O-toge sometime in the next month or two. Based upon the trip to Enzan yesterday (I was ready to hop on the train and come home, as were, I think, the rest of our group -- had NO interest in doing a round trip) I don't think I will be doing many 240 km rides in the hills this Spring. I'll make it to Itoigawa next month ... but only by riding at a relatively easy pace until Sasago tunnel.
Best, David

TOM said...

I think you'll like O-toge David! One way is to take the train first to Otsuki and start from there.

As to Itoigawa, I agree, we should take our time for the first part to until Sasago and try to stay together in one group as much as possible. Ideally would be if we can ride in rotation (although forbidden by the regulations of this event). On April 26 (Sat) at 15:00 there will be a "setsumeikai" for Itoigawa held at Meiji University in Ochanomizu. If it rains and I can't cycle - I intend to go (feel free to join).