17 April 2008

It is someone's birthday today and she got a present.
Which one do you think?
The one on the left or the one on the right?


mob said...

This is an easy one. Obviously the lipstick on the right.

Congratulations to your birthday. Live long and prosper.

Anonymous said...

small enougth to fit in your handbag!

David L. said...

Like I said last weekend

... get a woman a cartridge and she can fix one flat.
... get her a pump and she can fix every flat.

Happy birthday!

Juliane said...

This is amazing. With one cartridge a woman can fix one apartment? From what I remember this woman could not even inflate the tube with one cartridge the other day. But then again, London might be happy to hear this...

And pumps? Better get a woman a closet full! Red ones and gold ones, high ones and low...

Thanx for your good wishes boyz! Will miss you tonite but look forward to seeing you on the road again soon.
prepared! ;-)