30 April 2008


I thought about making two longer trips during Golden Week, also in view of preparation for the Itoaigawa Fast Run race on May 17th. After consultation with my family we agreed that I can have two days for cycling on Saturday (May 3) and Monday (May 5), while enagaging in active family service on Sunday and Tuesday. Here are some ideas :


Leaving by Shinkansen from Shinagawa early in the morning to Odawara.
Along the East coast to Ito (not so nice, but to get some warm-up) then riding West to Reikawa Toge (500m) to Shuzenji. Through the countryside southwest until we reach Yugashima.
From there to Kazahaya/Niba Toge (well known) and the descent to the West coast. Start to check if we got pumps or cartridges. Along the West coast on road 136 to Matsuzaki, then go to Jaishi Toge and finally along road 136 again to Shimoda.

Jump into the sea, have curry pasta at the gaijin house. Is James in the area on Saturday? Then jump on the train back to Tokyo. Plenty of climbing, plenty of fun.


Always wanted to ride more to the North from Ome, but I do not have any experience. Tom has been recently up in the area with the NFCC and TCC guys, so perhaps we can organize a tour to the North, eventually gathering at Ome station in the morning.
Ome -> Iino -> Yamajo Touge (?) -> Seibu Line Yokose Station -> Shiraishi Toge -> Higashi Matsuyama Train and back.

Or any other ideas for Saturday or Monday ?


David L. said...

The plan for Saturday and Monday sounds great. Count me in for a trip to Izu, if all goes well, for Ome/Chichibu on Monday as well.

I got in 130km yesterday, the last 25+ with David J. and Juliane, and tried a new (for me) connecting road between Rte 20 and Doshimichi -- take Charles' secret Sagami loop and veer off onto Rte 518, which cuts OVER a ridge and then down to Doshimichi. If I can get in two good rides on Saturday and Monday then I will be good to go for Itoigawa.

I think a trip to the Keirin track on Sunday would be pushing it.

David L.

TOM said...

For this Saturday, I already promised my wife to go cycling...she'll be on my re-fitted Orbea for a real, one-day leisurely ride to Koyake-Yuyake (the park ahead of Wada-toge). I got my wife special cycling shoes with cleats but now she's telling me she's too scared to try them on the road (the home trainer is fine...). My daughter is equally afraid of them...

On Monday I can join for an adventuresome ride into Saitama - still very unfamiliar territory to me.

Then on Tuesday, a NFCC mountain ride is being planned...we could do this one jointly with Positivo Espresso.

How about this Friday, a super long ride to Yamanakako taking that connecting road abovementioned by David?

Juliane said...

Breakfast at Ome, dinner at gaijin cafe --- a Connoisseur's choices!
Count me in for Saturday in Izu!

Juliane said...

sorry, message got cut off... I don't think I can do Monday.

mob said...

Hm, my wife was also not so positive about the trip to the Keirin track, I wonder why... So anyway, I bought now tickets for the Ghibli museum.

The weather between Saturday and Tuesday looks a little bit bochibochi.


Sunday (30%) looks a little bit better than Saturday (40%), shall we postpone to Sunday? Juliane and david would be ok, phoned today with Juliane.

Let's get on the phones one more time on Friday and decide.

Tuesday also looks better than Monday. As my son is in (German) school on Tuesday, I also would prefer to ride on this day, rather than on Monday. Sunday Izu and Monday Ome would be anyway stretching it very much.

Perhaps we join the NFCC Tour on Tuesday? Her is the original mail:

I make you a call of involvement for a simple exit of the club foreseen of May 6.
We can go to make some collars in the west part of Tokyo-Saitama. When there is many people, we could be easily in the same way of the mates level.
Don't hesitate to participate there.
I would propose you to make at least the collar of yamabusi-shomaru:

An idea to be,
On the cycling road of Tamagawa, in the Sekido bridge has 8h00.
And if you come by car, do look for a parking around the Oume station (青梅) JR.
will we pass the station toward 9h30.

Let's see who will attend, if David is there I am fine anyway.

David L. said...

I am fine with switching Saturday to Sunday. Either (but not both) work.

mob said...

Juliane David and david !

It seems that the four of us only will ride in Izu this weekend and as all of us can ride on Saturday as well as on Sunday, let's go on Sunday as we will have much better weather in Tokyo und Izu as well.

There is a high chance that it will rain in Tokyo on Saturday but not on Sunday.


In Atami it looks like this :


Better, but even better on Sunday.

And in Shimoda :


Ok, but better on Sunday.

As we have a long riding day in front of us, plus we might meet James and we want to relax at the Gaijin House let's start early.

My suggestion would be :

Shinagawa 07:34 Kodama 535
Atami 08:12

I am a little bit nervous about the Golden Week rush, so if you like I can make an Internet reservation for reserved seats.

I will also prepare some maps for the trip, we can discuss in the train.

Please let me have your ideas.