30 April 2008


One more idea. I was thinking about actively engaging in family service on May 4th (Sunday). But that doesn't mean that this is not related to cycling by default, right? So I was thinking of taking my son on his own bike and my daughter on the slipstream bike to the Keirin race track in Chofu where we always pass by on the Tamagawa road (at Chofu, between Sekido Bashi and Futago).

From the website I assume that there are races on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, starting at 15.00 hr. So we can leave in the morning, ride to Tama Jiman with our families, have lunch there and return then to the Keirin track. My wife will probably come by car (or I need to buy two more battery packs for her electric cycle]. Enjoy some races as long we enjoy them, make some bets as long as the pocket money lasts.

The ride home between 17 and 18 hrs, maybe the kids by car.
A nice family event. Of course we can also go to Matsudo Keirin Track.


Anonymous said...

So David L and I can bring our fixed wheel bikes and join in the races!! DJ

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

guys - my work antivirus screen just went into turbo-drive on that post from Kalar... dont click it. DJ

mob said...

I deleted this SPAM comment.
We are getting more famous and more attractive obviously.