29 September 2008

Professionell Hill Climbers

I must say that I am very much impressed by the new photo on the top page of Tom's blog. It gives the impression, that either Tom has just rode up a very steep road and is taking his well deserved rest on the top of the hill. Or that he is a very skilled user of Adobe Photoshop.

But if I am really, really honest, I am not impressed at all. I have rode up in the past may much steeper slopes, also during race conditions. As you can see in the photo below :

This is me, disguised as Jan-Ulrich Kraehe in November 2007, riding up the crazy 54% slope at the Saiko hill climb race in front of the peloton.
What do you say now, Tom? - See you at Shiobara.

It's the Ups and the Downs as they say but at Saiko you were clearly going down!

We'll see you Jan in Shiobara!

(don't forget your catapult)

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