14 September 2008

Sunday in Chichibu with Jerome

Jerome and I made a quick, 155 km+ trip via Oume and Naruki to Sho Maru Touge and then back via Rte 299 and Hanno City/Irima City, hunting and pecking back to the Tamagawa. Jerome pulled me just about all the way home -- the usual situation where he gets stronger as the day goes on, especially after soaking in a river for a few minutes on the longest climb of the day, but also his desire to keep up a really fast pace, something to do with a business meeting with his staff that he had hoped to get home by 2PM for ... we ended up getting back a bit before 3PM, but based on the mobile call he placed shortly before the end of our ride it sounds like the staff had things very well under control without the boss around, so it was all for the best.

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Nagai-san at Positivo swapped out my recalled Wolf SL fork for the new 3T Funda Pro on Friday -- recall accomplished. The 3T is rock solid -- with noticeably thicker material in the steerer column -- still light as a feather.


TOM said...

Sounds like the usual pattern with Jerome and his second wind. The new 3T fork seems very reliable but just looking at the picture maybe not so attractive design-wise as the recalled WOLF.

Could not ride very much this past long weekend due to family circumstances...

Saw Marek wearing his Positivo Espresso jersey on the Tamagawa CR (near Y's)...I guess he did not recognize me and my daughter who were all wearing the same jersey !

Anxious to read more about MOB's Shuzenji race!

What are the plans for the 23rd? Let's PM each other if necessary.

David L. said...

Thanks, Tom. ... but please be careful about suggesting that a bicycle's spectacular new Italian (designed, probably not built) full carbon fork is "maybe not so attractive design-wise" as the admittedly sleek, but recalled Wolf SL. I assure you that it is the photo or photographer at fault, a result of me taking the picture with my shaky hands and "not so attractive, camera-wise" mobile telephone. The fork is a thing of beauty and the bicycle looked stunning at the precipice of Shomaru Touge. ... hills in the distance. Jerome, please help me out here with a testimonial.

Pop quiz for Tom: When your significant other comes into the living room wearing something that makes her look fat and asks "does this make me look fat" what is the right answer?

Best, David

P.S. Welcome back, Marek.

P.P.S. Sorry I can't ride this weekend. I'll be in the U.S., assuming the planes are still flying as of tomorrow.

TOM said...

Haha! You must be right David...those beauties have got to be viewed in the flesh (for the latter, I prefer to dim the lights just a bit)! Well, if the design is Italian, the legs on that fork certainly must have the needed sex appeal. It's just that I liked the curvacesousness of the WOLF fork so much...my prejudice!

marek said...

interesting thread .. but its kind of drifting away from the original topic .. the Izu ride on 23th ... is it gonna go ahead or not ? I would love to go !

The weather forecast says rain on sat & sun, but mon & tue should be good.

So what are we waiting for ?

p.s. TOM, of course I saw you. only did i not recognize the person you were with.