26 September 2008

Tokyo Endurance Race December 14th

One of the more popular races in Tokyo, the Tokyo Endurance race is held on Dec. 14th at the Tachikawa Showa Kinen Koen. It is a four hour team endurance race on a 5 km flat round course
and TCC (Tokyo Ccyle Club) is now assembling teams for the event. I think Tom, Jerome and Alain raced in Tachikawa some time ago at the Duothlon event.

In previous years the wining team made app. 30 laps = 150 km = 37.5 km/hr in four hours, so after splendid performances in Tsukuba and hopefully next week in Yokohama, victory is almost ours.

You can check the TCC thread here.

As we always seen to have problems to get a team of four riders together from Positivo Espresso only, I suggest that we join one of the TCC teams. Please let me know if you would be interested to race there, so I can make sure that we are in the same team and register in time.

The registration starts on October 1st, however based on the experience in the last years, it will be sold out rather quick, so I suggest to come to a decision early.

More information [in Japanese].


TOM said...

Thanks Michael for posting this one. I am more than happy to prop up and be part of the Positivo Espresso team but I can assure you that it won't be easy to beat the TCC team ! If there is a special category for mixed teams, I can have my daughter enter as well! That way a podium place will be warranted!

mob said...

I think the idea to form a mix team is very good. The winning team made 29 laps last year, so we can even take it more easy by app. 3.33%!

So let's assume that it will be Tom, Tom's daughter and me, who will be the forth mixer on the team ???

mob said...

I am following some discussions on the e-mail basis .... I think it is a good idea to have a kids team, perhaps my son would also like to join. But if we register one, than let's do that for the two hours endurance rather than for the four hours event and let them run as kids-only.

I really became font of the idea to form a mixed team with Tom's daughter. However if Juliane is in, I might would like to trade her.

All of this is becoming as exiciting as the return of this American guy to pro cycling and calls for a good discussion over sticks und beers tonight under the arks of Yurakucho.