22 September 2008


Folks. whats the go for tomorrow ? I havent heard anything. I have really been looking forward to this ride. Maybe we can schedule something spontaneous for tomorrow ... i would love go riding with you guys again ... the thing is, it would not only be David's 'Sayonara' Ride, but also mine. I decided to move on as well - not to spend long office hours in Canary Wharf - but to go back traveling ... i know, i know ... but i just cant get enough of it. I will spend the next few months in China, before setting off to Oz and Nz.
Therefore I would much appreciate if we got together tomorrow. Awaiting feedback ;)


Anonymous said...


Kodama No.537
08:04am Shinagawa
08:54am Mishima

confirmed as of yet:
Jerome, MOB, Marek, David, Juliane

who else???!


mob said...

Just called Juliane ... I am asked by my doctor to take a rest from cycling, possibly until the Shiobara race on October 3rd. Sorry for being such a human wreck. I don't want to dwell on this matter, have heard so much boring stories from my older relatives already about their status of health.

So, sorry I cannot ride to Izu. But I still can hold a glass of wine or beer, so Marek, David, what's the plan for meeting in the evening in Tokyo and celebrate your Sayonara?