01 January 2009

Racing Schedule 2009

I am still not finished with writing my New Year Resolution; I got distracted when I opened the JCRC website and noted that the race schedule for 2009 is already decided. Which races to do in 2009? Here are some information and ideas


MAR 15 JCRC TDJ Kawagoe R [type: R/road, HC/hill climb, E/endurance, T/track] 15 km [distance or time/hrs], I [I/individual, T/team], B [Priority,M/must, A/highest, C/lowest] Comment

APR 26 Mitsumine Hill Climb HC ?km I B new race, first time hold

APR Kusatsu HC ?km I C

MAY Itoigawa Fast Run R 294km T M

MAY 24 TOJ Tokyo Stage R 21km I A

JUN Fuji Hill Climb HC 23km I A

JUN 28 JCRC TDJ Hitachi Naka R 21km I A

JUL Tsukuba Enduro E 8hrs T A

OCT Yokohama Stadium Enduro E 5hrs I/T B

OCT Motegi Enduro E 7hrs T B

OCT 04 JCRC Shiobara HC TT:7km/HC:19km I M The official team race of 2009

NOV 08 JCRC TDJ Saiko R 20km I/T A

NOV SEO Festival R ?km I C

DEC Tokyo Enduro E 4hrs T C

If I have the chance and can do some more training with Hiroshi, I would like to do a track race also this year. If there are more proposals, please let me know. Let's try to get the complete team to the Itoigawa and Shiobara races.


Manfred von Holstein said...

Thanks, good to have this overview. I will ping you for more detailed information on each race to help me decide what to participate in. I'd be also interested to know why you omitted most JCRC races from the list - maybe because they are not close to Tokyo?

TOM said...

Will join many of those races again this year! Instead of Saiko, how about Giro de Hotaka this year?? The race is longer so you get more for your money!

mob said...

I think Saiko is a good race and it fits very well my strong points, so I intend to go there this year as well, now for the 7th time.

Giro de Hotaka is also a good race, but very much depending on the weather. If it is too cold, snowing or raining and one has paid already registration and hotel it is a little bit risky I feel.

But nevertheless, let's add the race to the official team schedule.