07 January 2009

Tour de Kusatsu

The Tour de Kusatsu is one of the first hillclimbs of the year. I had a wonderful experience there last year and just signed up for this year's Fourteenth Edition taking place on April 19.
Anyone from Positivo Espresso joining besides myself and perhaps/hopefully Ludwig? Come on, Michael, plenty of time left to get ready for this one! I'd be glad to arrange for the accommodation. Our friends from TCC will also be present.
Excellent training track for this hillclimb is the Kazahari Rindo (a.k.a. "Togebaka No. 9" & also featured in Ludwig's post below).


mob said...

Sorry Tom, Kusatsu is too early for me in the season to have fun there. I need to do Fuji HC and Itoigawa Fast Run [I hope that I will be admitted a second time to attend after all our wrongdoings last year], in order to come into shape.

The photo of you out there in the snow landscape looks wonderful though. I always liked this one.

TOM said...

I understand Michael. Don't worry, I have some mates from VLAAMS who are attending with me. As to Itoigawa, we will need to do this tactfully but let's discuss this using PM.

Manfred von Holstein said...

I'm honoured that the labels list me but not Tom - am I expected to become the next racing guy after mob is scaling down his schedule?

On a more serious note, I'm indeed interested and I don't mind the temperature (won't be so different from now in the mountains around Tokyo), but it may not fit my schedule. Will confirm later. Anyhow, thanks for suggesting this, Tom!